Apparitions | Gregor Turk | 2013

“Apparitions” was a temporary installation of inward-facing billboards on the Atlanta BeltLine. It was the result of the 2013 Public Art Commission by artist Gregor Turk.

The billboards, by virtue of the fact that they reference advertising, press against the values and priorities of the Atlanta BeltLine itself, a billboard-free destination. Billboards also reference “place” in many senses of the word – they are timestamps and landmarks – an ongoing theme in Turk’s work.

During the course of the ACPfest the billboards underwent three “exhibitions” – the first of which featured photographs of blank billboards across the United States taken by Turk over the course of the last 20 years, a self-referential apparition. The billboards “vanished” revealing the Atlanta that had been obscured, and with pairs of gazing eyes…the eyes of General Sherman. His apparition is a reminder of the history of Atlanta as integral to our sense of place.

ACP would like to thank Art on the Atlanta BeltLine for their partnership with this project.

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is Atlanta’s largest temporary public art exhibition, annually showcasing the work of established and emerging visual artists, performers, and musicians along almost eight miles of the Atlanta BeltLine on both the east and west sides of town. For more information, please visit

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