Virtual Portfolio Review 2023
Ash Hagerstrand, Equity Scholarship Winner 2022
2022 Equity Scholarship Recipient: Ash Hagerstrand

Virtual Portfolio Reviews 2023



April 13 – 15, 2023

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Review Participant 2022: Natrice Miller (video still)
Review Participant 2022: Natrice Miller (video still)
ACP Review 2022 on Zoom
ACP’s reviews are for emerging and established lens-based, intermedia, and video artists looking to gain new insights into their work and expand their professional networks.
Our Virtual Portfolio Reviews provide meaningful dialogue, relationship-building, and professional development opportunities.
Our reviewers are tapped into the contemporary art landscape and can provide valuable connections and dialogue about your work.

What’s Included?

Reviews come in blocks of four or eight reviews to meet with our renowned list of reviewers for 20 minutes each.

All reviews also include an Events Pass, which gives you access to:

    • Two professional practice talks: “Call and Response” with TK Smith from The Barnes Foundation and “Insights from an Editor” with Daniel George from Lenscratch
    • Inclusion in the Virtual Portfolio Walkthrough document which is sent to all of the reviewers
    • An additional peer review (30 minutes) with a fellow portfolio review participant
    • “Preparing for Virtual Portfolio Review” Welcome Packet – an educational document on how to participate in our review
    • Invitation to the portfolio review Slack group to network with other participants
Review Participant 2022: Hung Ching Yan
Review Participant 2022: Hung Ching Yan
Review Participant 2022: Seth Cook
Review Participant 2022: Seth Cook

When is it?

  • Reviews take place Friday and Saturday 10:00am – 3:00pm (EST)
  • Peer Reviews take Friday 6:30 – 7:30pm (EST)
  • Talks take place Thursday and Saturday 6:30-7:30pm (EST)

Redefining Photography 

At ACP, we are working toward the future of what photography is and means. We see photography as a vital medium that touches all areas of life, society, and culture. It is also an expansively interdisciplinary medium, including a variety of light-based and lens-based approaches. With that in mind, our reviews encourage diverse prospectives and processes, including intermedia and video art.

2022 Equity Scholarship Winner: Kei Ito
2022 Equity Scholarship Winner: Kei Ito (detail)
2022 Equity Scholarship Winner: Mark Anthony Brown Jr
2022 Equity Scholarship Winner: Mark Anthony Brown Jr

Accessibility and Scholarships

Our reviews strive to be as accessible as possible. To this end, we continue to host our reviews online to help alleviate accessibility issues, such as high travel costs, disabilities, and prolonged leave from work. Last year we also introduced Equity Scholarships which provide six BIPOC and LGBTQAI+ artists with full and free admission to the reviews.

Call for entry for Scholarships are now closed

Reviews are now SOLD OUT

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