Beth Lilly | 2009

Atlanta-based photographer and artist Beth Lilly was selected by a panel of jurors to create ACP’s Public Art Project for ACP 11. Her project, “Gifted”, engaged the public through the gift of 1,200 limited-edition, fine art photographs which will be distributed to the public for free during the month of October.

Beth Lilly curated a collection of twelve photographs from participating local photographers and with oversight from the artists, created limited-edition prints (100 of each photograph, totaling 1200 prints). These artworks were handed out free, as gifts to the public, throughout the Atlanta metro region during the ACP festival in October, in unexpected places, at unannounced times.

Selected from a competitive open call for proposals, Beth Lilly’s project was most suited to ACP’s public art mission, to infuse Atlanta with photography in exciting, unpredictable ways. Lilly’s project is also an attempt to find and cultivate new appreciators of photography and photographic print, by providing a professionally-printed “starter print” for a potential collector. The exchange promoted local photographers while encouraging a rich dialogue about the act of gifting valuable art for free, as well as an oblique commentary on the economy.

Photographers participating in this project included: Corinne Adams, David Walter Banks, William Boling, John Bohannon, Christian Bradley West, Diane Kirkland, Kathryn Kolb, Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Pam Moxley, Laura Noel, Dorothy O’ Connor, & Michael West.
Special Thanks to John Dean.

The ACP panel of public art jurors included Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the High Museum, Jeffrey Grove, independent curator Lisa Kurzner; current ACP Board President Louis Corrigan; Art Papers Board President, Peter Bahouth, and Executive Director of ACP, Amy Miller.

Beth Lilly – Image Gallery