Jason Fulford | 2007

Atlanta native Jason Fulford selected images from 40 photographers to be included in Paper Placemats (ATL). These placemats were used at participating restaurants during lunch in October. This concept engaged audiences at random and imposed an unexpected experience with art. Simultaneously, the encounter was very intimate and allowed the unforeseen patron to connect on a level that challenges the traditional methods of artistic interaction.


Ethan Andrews, Roy Arden, Roger Ballen, Zander Blom, William Boling, Able Brown, Melissa Catanese, Reuben Cox, Paul Davis, Tim Davis, Jason Evans, Ted Fair, Harrell Fletcher, Lee Friedlander, Stephen Gill, Andrew Z. Glickman, Maury Gortemiller, James Hall, Kyoko Hamada, Cristobal Hara, Nicole Jean Hill, Margarete Jakschik, Dave Jordano, Ron Jude, Hee Jin Kang, Martin Kippenberger, David La Spina, Michael David Murphy, Ed Panar, Gus Powell, Greta Pratt, Shawn Records, Will Rogan, Sasha Rudensky, Michael Schmelling, Shimabuku, David Shrigley, Mike Slack, Camilo Jose Vergara, and Douglas Weathersby.

Participating restaurants:

  • Apres Diem
  • Canton St. Cafe
  • Crescent Moon
  • Dynamic Dish
  • Flying Biscuit Cafe (Midtown & Candler Park)
  • The Globe
  • Havana Sandwich Shop
  • Perk Place Coffee Shop
  • Ria’s Bluebird
  • Thumbs Up Diner
  • Village Pizza
  • WASABi
  • Watershed
  • West Egg Cafe

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